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Arpa Editores is a Spanish publishing company founded in Barcelona in 2016. Our mission is to promote general knowledge, critical thinking, and public debate.

Our list includes international authors such as Sean Carroll, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Will and Ariel Durant, Carole Hooven, Frederic Laloux, Bruno Latour, Matthieu Ricard, Vaclav Smil or Stefan Zweig, and Spanish authors such as Victoria Camps, Sonia Contera, Enric Juliana, José María Lassalle, Jorge Dioni López, Lola Pons Rodríguez or Pedro Vallín.

We publish both emerging and renowned authors. Our ideal author is a great expert, professional, thinker or thought leader, with a very strong will to spread ideas and reach the widest audience possible.

Arpa has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and has become one of the most successful and best-selling young publishing houses in Spain and in many Latin American countries. In the last few years, we have launched three new projects: Arpa Talks, Arpa School and Arpa Práctica.

Arpa Talks is a podcast of long conversations with leading experts about intelligence, power, business, science and technology, and +30,000 views per episode. Guests include scientists, thinkers, professors, journalists, startup founders, and public and private top executives, among others, and 

Arpa School is an online school for people willing to publish a great book. We offer free content, a unique online course in the Spanish publishing industry, and personalized support for authors who want to take their game to the next level.

Arpa Práctica is a brand new publishing imprint devoted to spreading science-based, effective new tools in health and psychology.

Altogether, we hope that these new projects will contribute to our general mission—unleashing the power of knowledge for a better future.