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Todos los pedidos realizados a partir del 12 de julio se servirán el 22 de julio. ¡Felices vacaciones :)!
Todos los pedidos realizados a partir del 12 de julio se servirán el 22 de julio. ¡Felices vacaciones :)!


Arpa is a publishing house founded in Barcelona in 2016. Our mission is to promote knowledge, culture, and public debate.

Our catalog is generalist and is organized into several lines of work: Essay, History, Science, Psychology, Business, and Classics of Fiction and Non-Fiction.

We publish both contemporary and classic texts. For us, the most important thing is to offer the finest works by leading authors in their field who want to reach a broad audience.

Among these authors are international figures such as Christophe André, Sean Carroll, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Amy Edmondson, Bruce Greenwald, Carole Hooven, Frederic Laloux, Bruno Latour, Joan Magretta, Roger Martin, Matthieu Ricard, Levy Rozman, Richard Rumelt, and Vaclav Smil, and Spanish authors such as Victoria Camps, Sonia Contera, Xavier Guix, Enric Juliana, Jorge Dioni López, Jordi Nomen, Clara Ramas, Lola Pons Rodríguez, and Pedro Vallín.

Since its creation, Arpa has experienced significant growth, establishing itself as a relevant player in the field of non-fiction. In recent years, we have launched three new projects: Arpa Talks, Arpa School, and Éditions Arpa.

Arpa Talks is a podcast featuring interviews with experts in various fields, such as philosophy, politics, business, science, and technology. It has millions of views on YouTube and is one of the most listened to podcasts in Spain on Spotify in the categories of Economy and Technology.

Arpa School is an online school specializing in writing, editing, and publishing books, and it has trained several hundred people.

Éditions Arpa is Arpa's counterpart in France. It represents our first step towards internationalizing the brand beyond Spain and Latin America. It will be exclusively dedicated to publishing seminal works and bestsellers in international non-fiction. It will release its first titles in February 2025.