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About Us

More than 80,000 books are published each year in Spain. This rhythm confuses everyone —from readers to authors, booksellers and journalists— and adds more value than ever to core publishing tasks: filtering with extreme care, working hard on each text and helping authors to give the best of themselves —in short, wining readers’ trust.

Arpa is a nonfiction publishing house founded in 2016. We limit our production to 20 books per year to propose only highly valuable texts. We publish authors who wish to reach the general public with original and ambitious ideas.

More than 600 publishing houses were founded in Spain in recent years, and Arpa has quickly become the one with the biggest revenue. Our books are available in almost all Spanish-speaking countries in the world, and some of them have already been translated into Chinese, French, English, German, Italian, Persian, and Korean.

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Should you want more information about our catalogue or a particular title, please fill in the questionnaire here-below, or send us your request to