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Todos los pedidos realizados a partir del 12 de julio se servirán el 22 de julio. ¡Felices vacaciones :)!
Todos los pedidos realizados a partir del 12 de julio se servirán el 22 de julio. ¡Felices vacaciones :)!

Moonshot Thinking (english)

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"Absolutely indispensable for all global leaders." Cecilia MoSze Tham, award-winning futurist

With recent developments in the technology market, it may seem like the age of the Silicon Valley moonshot is over for now. Disruption and corporate resilience have become the new normal. In this book, originally written at the beginning of the pandemic, Ivan Bofarull, Chief Innovation Officer at Esade, the global business school, had the foresight to anticipate a period of retrenchment of grand corporate moonshots. Instead, he focused his research on how to embed moonshot thinking as a mindset in each company, putting this at the core of an operating system for decision making and business transformation.

After reading this book, you will be better at:

  • Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset with moonshot thinking, a mental model that aims for 10x improvements that force you to rethink your foundations from the ground up.
  • Becoming a disruption “pro”: understanding its actual meaning, which signals it emits, how to anticipate it, and how to make the most of it.
  • Being systematic as an innovator, by designing an operating system for continuous transformation.

"Strategic thinking to create the future of your company." Paul Almeida, Dean, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

"If disruption is of interest to you, you should read Bofarull." Soumitra Dutta, Dean, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

"Moonshot Thinking provides real models to turn challenges into opportunities." Natalia Olson, Plug & Play, former SME advisor to President Obama

"A new habit that you can systematically apply in your company." Pablo Rodríguez, Director of Google’s office of the CTO

"An indispensable and inspiring synthesis." Xavier Marcet, Drucker Society

"Ivan Bofarull reminds us of the balance between 10x and 10% incremental improvements. An uncommon way of thinking and wisdom." Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley

"Moonshot thinking is now more important than ever, particularly considering the many systemic challenges the world is facing." Javier Solana, Esade, and Patrick Schneider-Sikorsky, venture capitalist

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272 pages
140 x 213 mm
Paperback with flaps
ISBN 978-84-19558-07-7